Signata is a two-day experience of interactive workshops, shared lessons, and bold conversations that asks: what would you do if you could run at full speed, without translating for the patriarchy? The program is curated & produced by a community of diverse women, for diverse women with a goal of reinventing leadership and business strategy to be intersectionally feminist from the ground up.
A Latin word, Signata means “she signed,” or “she sealed.” With this definition in mind, I created an identity system that visualizes intersectional feminisim, power, and identity as actions. Mark-making and the notion of selfhood were guiding lights during the process. We desired something rooted in ancient history and culture that we could update for women of color navigating the tech-millennial landscape of today's Bay Area. I looked at Chinese ink drawings, wax stamps, calligraphy, and even rock & crystal formations. 
The brush and script wordmarks give us a collection of  kinetic logos to be used in a variety of environments from letterheads to social media. I settled on a color palatte that felt somehwere in between skin tones and geology. A copper base is used to elevate the logos against a collection of landscape imagery I hand picked to pair with. 
I curated cityscapes and portraits of women in our target audience to use in social media and online marketing; while various oceanic images were used for the website hero images. This was my way of nodding to the various waves of feminism and the rising tide that can lift us all if we embrace and practice intersectionality.

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